Strip and Wax Floors

Commercial Strip and Wax Floors
East Texas – Tyler Texas


The floor in your office building or retail store can become dull and dirty much faster than you think. With heavy foot traffic, fixtures, and office furniture your commercial floor takes a beating. Restore your floor with the most effective process available. Stripping and waxing will give your floor the clean, and shiny look it once had.


Office and retail buildings commonly have Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring. Stripping and waxing is the best way to clean these large commercial floors Andrews Cleaning and Restoration are the best floor cleaning service in Tyler. Employees will feel like they are working in a safer and healthier environment when the floors are well maintained. Customers will be impressed and more likely to return if your store’s floors are clean and polished. Even if your products are top of the line, customers often judge the quality of items based on a store’s cleanliness. A clean store will showcase your products in the highest quality, and keep customers coming back.


When stripping floor wax even deep scratches, deep down dirt, traffic patterns, and indention from heavy furniture will be improved in appearance. If your floor doesn’t need the tough love of stripping, scrubbing can work wonders. A professional scrubbing of the floor can remove scratches and scuff marks while taking less time and being less labor intensive. The waxing products and equipment will still be the same so your floor’s luster is guaranteed to come back to life.

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