Pet Odor Removal

Carpet dog

Sometimes the family pet is your floors worst enemy…

Even the best trained dogs and cats have problems at times. These stains and odors can be extremely difficult for homeowners to remove. There are several methods that Andrews Carpet Cleaning uses depending on the severity of the problem:

Pet Odor Treatment

Enzyme based cleaners are applied to the carpet and left to dwell for several minutes. Afterward, the chemicals are extracted with hot water. Finally a deodorizer is left on the carpet with a long acting digester. This treatment is used when it is believed that the urine has not fully soaked into the backing or pad.

Waterclaw Pet Odor Removal

If the damage cannot be mitigated through a normal carpet cleaning method, through the patented Water Claw system, sometimes we are able to remove pet stains and odors without having to cut out pad and reinstall carpet. This method is best used when the area is saturated with urine but in a relatively small area.

Severe Pet Odor and Damage

For the worst cases, the carpet must be pulled back and the padding replaced. During this procedure the back of the carpet, the slab and the top of the carpet is heavily extracted and chemicals are applied. Sometimes plastic sheeting is placed on the slab if the urine has penetrated that deep. If the damage is in the middle of the room, quite often a repair technician must be used to re-install the carpet.

Other Services

For professional pet odor removal in Tyler, Athens, Lindale, Whitehouse, Jacksonville, Kilgore, Bullard, Noonday, Arp, Chapel Hill, Chandler, Winona, Hideaway Lake, Big Sandy, Troup, Frankston or Brownsboro call Andrews Carpet Cleaning at 903 566-3081

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