Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rug Washing


Rugs can hold on average 8 to 10 lbs of dust, dirt and other debris. The first step we use before ever washing your rug is to properly remove all particulate matter through dusting.

Rug Cleaning Mini-Plant:

The “wash pit” method of cleaning oriental rugs is the method of choice for professional cleaners. This is the same method used by the Oriental Rug Cleaners in Dallas. Andrews Carpets in Tyler is one of the only companies to utilize this technique in East Texas.

Colorfast Testing:

Before we begin our washing process, all rugs are tested to ensure that all dies present in the yarns are color fast and will not bleed during the cleaning. If we feel that the dies are going to run, we will switch to a safe dry cleaning method.


The heart of the process, our washing techniques incorporate a wash pit to better clean out all the soils and stains that have built up over time. This method is also the most effective way to remove pet urine odors and stains.


Quickly drying the rugs is key to ensure best results. We use indoor drying racks coupled with high velocity air movers.

Grooming & Fringe Treatment:

Fringe treatment is probably the most time consuming of all our techniques. Over several days, fringes are treated with special chemicals to attempt to restore them to the accenting beauty all rugs deserve.

Pet Odor:

Can never be fully removed from rugs if the rugs are not cleaned throughly through full saturation in a wash pit. Topical treatments only hide the odor and do not rinse out all the contaminates.

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