Moisture Meters

Water damage meterMoisture tests are critical when drying after a house flood. Moisture tests guide technicians each day on where o direct air flow and where to place dehumidifiers. Moisture tests the water concentration in all sorts of materials as well as the moisture in the air.

Carpet and the pad underneath is often tested with penetrating meters. These are the simplest forms of tests that use water to complete an electric circuit between the two prongs. These meters can damage other surfaces such as wood.

Another type uses optics to test temperature variations. These meters are often FLIR devices. While great for fast checking of scope, they do not replace direct test meters.

For delicate surfaces water damage technicians use non-penetrating meters. These meters use….. to test for moisture. They can be used on concrete, wood, ect. These are the most accurate of all the meter types.

Water Damage Services

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