Insurance for Water Damages

Almost all home insurance policies cover water damage caused by pipe or hose breaks in the home. This is considered accidental insurance not flood insurance. Flood damage can be defined as “rising water” that enters the home. Most home owners so not carry flood insurance. You may also want to check if your policy covers “under the slab” pipe breaks as some carriers have dropped these incidents from their policies.

Once water damage is detected it is often recommended to contact your water damage company first. When their technician arrives on the scene they can asses the damage and help you answer questions your insurance claims handler may have. Insurance adjusters will often work your water damage from throughout the drying process. Quite often the only expense to the home owner is the deductible, everything else including the dry out and replacement of damaged materials is typically covered by insurance.

It is important to note that insurance companies are not responsible for what caused the leak, only the damage it caused. For example, if your hot water heater breaks, the insurance company will pay for the flooring the water damaged but not for your new hot water heater.

Any professional water damage company will work with your insurance adjuster, agent and claims handler to ensure proper documentation is kept in order for your claim to be handled on time.

Water Damage Services

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