Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor after Water DamageUnfortunately hardwood floors are often ruined in a house flood. Quite often water is able to penetrate the outer coating causing peeling and a bubbling effect. With laminate floors, once water gets underneath between the floors and pad the boards warp. Even solid hard wood floors will warp on the ends called “cupping” given enough time.

If the floor is of a “sand and finish” type, which is often a solid wood it may be able to be repaired by refinishing the floor. However, at least in Tyler TX, most floors are an engineered hardwood floor that cannot be repaired by this method and often needs replaced.

If just a small area of the floor has been damaged, a skilled installer can replace just the damaged boards if available. Often when homes are constructed, extra boxes of flooring are left in attics or basements. It is important that any foundation affected from a house flood be thoroughly dried before any new wood is installed. Always make sure your installer carries a moisture meter with him if your home is on a concrete slab.

Water Damage Services

For house flood or water damage restoration in Tyler, Athens, Lindale, Whitehouse, Jacksonville, Kilgore, Bullard, Noonday, Arp, Chapel Hill, Chandler, Winona, Hideaway Lake, Big Sandy, Troup, Frankston or Brownsboro call Andrews Carpet Cleaning at 903 566-3081

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