Electrical Constraints

Air mover and dehumidifiers use a considerable amount of electricity when drying
after a house flood. Only a few pieces of equipment can be put on one circuit in the
house without risking blowing the breaker. This fact limits the amount of equipment that
can be placed in a home increasing the dry time for a job.

Often extension cords are used to move pieces of equipment from one circuit to
another. If a breaker blows, and you are uncomfortable moving equipment cords and
switching breakers back on it is best to call your water damage professional. It’s also
recommended not to run hair dryers or curling irons when equipment is running nearby as this will typically throw a breaker switch.

For larger jobs, your water damage contractor may bring in generators to help with the extra load. Keep in mind that all professional water damage companies use equipment that is perfectly safe to be left unattended in your home or office. However, your water damage company should be sending someone out each day to ensure each fan is optimally positioned and to check for blown breakers.

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