Concrete is extremely porous and can take on extreme amounts of water. This is
usually not a problem if the floor covering is carpet. However, when dealing with wood
or tile drying concrete after a house floods is critical. Water damage contractors often
work hand in hand with hard wood installers to ensure concrete is dry enough to lay

Concrete is dried with regular air movers and dehumidifiers. In rare occasions such
as in large rooms a tent machine may be used to only lower the humidity and raise the
temperature next to the concrete. Moisture tests must be performed at different spots on
the slab as dry times often vary significantly from one area to another.

If a hard surface (not carpet) is being put down after a water damage such as hardwood floors or tile, then moisture tests should be performed the day of installation to ensure that no moisture has wicked back to the surface. If these tests are not performed, problems could develop during or even after installation.


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