Common Causes

The source of a house flood can come from within a home or from the outside. Please
read our prevention guide to better protect your home from flooding. The most common
causes are:

A pipe busting under the slab. These leaks can often be detected and pin pointed by a
leak locator service.

A pipe bust in walls or ceiling. Ceiling breaks are common in winter months and can
be extremely destructive. It is important that home owners not only insulate their pipes in the attic but also any manifolds or junction boxes.

Hose breaks. Common leaks occur from the supply lines for the refrigerators and
washing machines. Always be sure to buy steel braided cables with metal connections pieces.

Flower bed sprinklers. Without proper drainage, sprinklers can cause water intrusion
into the home. This usually occurs at the seam where the foundation needs brick or outer

Sewer back ups. These are considered category 3 damage and require removal of
most all materials the water comes in contact with.

Toilet overflows. Considered category 2 these floods are often stopped by simply
turning off the supply line.

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