Vacuuming is so important any carpet cleaning guide would be remiss with out a page devoted to it. Vacuuming is your number one weapon to fight most types of carpet damage. At a minimum your carpets should be vacuumed once a week.

Unfortunately dirt and sand doesn’t just make your carpets dirty but also caused abrasion to your carpet fibers. This wears out your carpet and dulls the carpet coloring. By keeping a regular vacuuming schedule abrasion in kept to a minimum.

As mentioned in the allergens page your carpet acts as an air filter for the entire house. As your carpet becomes filled with particles, the filtration system breaks down. Eventually this will lower air quality in the home. Vacuuming will prevent this as well as prevent filtration lines.

It is important to buy quality high power vacuum with a beater bar. Comparison of vacuums is beyond the scope of this guide but consumer reports often releases test results for all major vacuums. Your local carpet dealer may be able to offer some advice as well.

Carpet Cleaning

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