Carpet Cleaning Preperation

Carpet Cleaning Tyler TX
Here are a few tips you may want to follow to ensure a smooth carpet cleaning experience:

  • Make sure your AC or heat is running in the house an hour before your scheduled carpet cleaning. This will lower the humidity in your home allowing the carpet to dry faster.


  • Before scheduling, notify your carpet cleaner if you want large pieces of furniture cleaned under. Some carpet cleaners send one or two men crews based on work to be performed. Note: carpet cleaners rarely move electronics without you already have them unplugged.


  • Secure your pets. Your carpet cleaner will be running hose from his truck during hot water extraction. This means your front door will be slightly ajar and could allow your pets out.


  • Notify your carpet cleaner if the water is not on at the property. Not all vans are equipped with their own water supply. Electricity is not necessary as long as there is plenty of natural light in the home.

Carpet Cleaning

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