Carpet Spotting Guidelines

Of course there are thousands of different types of spots that you can get on your carpet and to address them all would be impossible here. Therefore, we will address some guidelines common for all spots. Note that these guidelines are for spots not stains which cannot be removed by conventional means.

  • Time is essential! The faster you get to a spill the easier it is to remove since the spill does not have time to penetrate into the carpet fiber.
  • Use a clean white towel to blot up the majority of the spill if it is still wet. Don’t scrub since this may fray the carpet and push the spill into the fibers. It is important to use a white towel since colors from the towel could transfer into the carpet fiber.
  • If using a carpet cleaning solution make sure you read the instructions. Not all solutions are alike and sure of the instructions very greatly and are important to their functionality. It is also important to mix solutions according to their directions. Resist the urge to add more carpet cleaning solution to water mix since this can actually decrease a mix’s potency.
  • After cleaning make sure you dry the spot as fast as possible. You can learn why on our wicking page.
    Carpet Cleaning

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