Carpet Removal and Your Health

Before getting started, I want to say that even though our name was Andrews Carpet Cleaning for over 50 years, we have and always will be a full service company when it comes to flooring. We clean not only carpet but ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, VCT and vinyl strip/sheetgoods. Basically if you walk on it, we clean it. The reason for this statement is to let you know that our company has no bias to the type of flooring in your home or office.

Starting in the 90’s doctors began recommending the removal of carpet for people suffering from allergies. This was because several studies showed that carpet holds more dust, pollen and other allergens than hard surfaces. This is all completely true but the critical point is that you want this to happen.

Allergies flare up when allergens are present in the air and carpet is the single best air filter in your home. If you remove this filter (carpet) then all the allergens that were previously being held in the carpet are pushed up into the air anytime a door or window is opened, the air conditioner turns on or just by a person walking through the room.

However, it is very important to keep our filter cleaned. The best method is simply vacuuming the carpet with a HEPA filter vacuum a minimum of once a week. It is also important to have the carpet cleaned via hot water extraction at least once a year.

Any google search will give you both sides of the story, but I highly recommend only taking stock in articles that give research citations. You will notice that every single article given by a doctor or “allergist” calling for the removal of carpet has zero evidence to back it up.

If someone has any links to research that goes against my position please by all means email me at and I will post it here!

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