Carpet Cleaning Basics


Most carpet cleaning professionals use the CHAT principle whether they realize it or not. The CHAT acronym stands for Chemical, Heat, Agitation, and Time. The CHAT principle is taught by the IIRC carpet cleaning organization.

C– Chemicals are often primarily used to bind dirt to water when carpet cleaning. One side of the chemical is attracted to dirt the other to water. This allows the dirt or stain to more easily be washed away..

H– Heats main purpose is to make the water more liquidy..

A– Agitation helps get water and chemicals into contact with dirt and stains. Often dirt is located deep within carpet. Also, layers of dirt can be on carpet and agitation helps break up these layers..

T– Time is needed for solutions to soak in and bind to dirt. Time helps solutions and water to break through layers of dirt found deep down. Allowing a set time is often overlooked when carpet cleaning..

All elements of the CHAT principle are used in conjunction with each other when carpet cleaning correctly. Quite often, due to the type of carpet one element must be increased while another is decreased.
Carpet Cleaning

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