Carpet Bubbles and Wrinkles

Wrinkled Carpet
Carpet bubbles and wrinkles sometimes occur after a carpet has been cleaning. It is often impossible for a cleaner to know in advance if your carpet will experience this. The first thing to know is don’t panic.

Wrinkles occur when the carpet in your home is already loose. This can be due to the passage of time or poor installation. Sometimes the carpet has existing wrinkles, sometimes not but what is important is that it will go back to its pre-cleaning condition with in a few days. The key is keeping the humidity low in the room through your heating and AC.

Bubbles occur when glued down carpet lifts up from the adhesive binding from the slab. Like wrinkles, bubbles typically lay back down over a few days. If they do not, new adhesive can be injected under the carpet and a roller can lay the bubbles back down.
Carpet Cleaning

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