Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
Bonnet carpet cleaning is a low maintenance solution for short pile carpet. Sometimes known as pad cleaning this method has long employed by professional carpet cleaners. The primary cleaning principle is based on agitation and is a low moisture carpet cleaning technique.

The bonnet is the name for the actual pad used to clean. Bonnets are typically made of highly absorbent materials used to soak in dirt and water. The pad is scrubbed across the carpet by a slow moving floor buffer.

Before the pad is applied a bonnet solution is sprayed on the carpet. This solution is a fast drying, low Ph formula cleaner. A good bonnet solution is critical for the bonnet method.

Quite often the bonnet carpet cleaning method is used in conjunction with hot water extraction. Combining the two methods offers one of the best solutions for high traffic commercial carpets. Bonnets are often used between regularly scheduled carpet cleaning.
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