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This carpet cleaning guide is written for anyone who is curious about the ins and outs for cleaning your carpet. In the guide we discuss why it is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned and give some do it yourself tips. We discuss popular methods and how to chose a professional. Some steps to take before and after your carpets are cleaned. Andrews has been in the carpet cleaning business serving the Tyler TX, Athens, TX, Lindale TX and Jacksonville TX areas for over 50 years.

Carpet Appearance

Appearance reasons aside, it is important to maintain a regular carpet cleaning schedule for your carpets. Flooring is often the single most expensive part of your home and like any other aspect of your home it requires routine maintenance.

Spills on Carpet

When spills occur, spotting is important but did you know that vacuuming will help protect from abrasion and packing? Cleaning also helps control traffic paths and filter lines. Not to mention keeping dust mites and allergens under control.

Carpet Warranties

Like your car, your carpet also carries a warranty. Unlike your car however that warranty is often broken if your carpet is not professionally cleaned. Most carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 18 months to keep the warranty valid.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

So there are a lot of reasons to have your carpets cleaned but did you know there are different methods professionals use? The three primary means to clean carpets are hot water extaction, bonnet cleaning and dry compound. Each method has its pros and cons but a true professional will be comfortable with them all.

Quite often a mix of each kind of carpet cleaning method is the best approach since different situations arise such as drying constraints and the extent of soiling. Using a combination of these techniques is sometimes required for the toughest of jobs.

Hot Water Extraction

Of all the different methods, hot water extraction is and will be for the foreseeable future the primary way professionals clean carpet. Hot water extraction of HWE combines the best elements of heat, water, agitation and chemicals (CHAT). No other method better flushes out dirt and contaminates or helps with odor or pet problems.

Pre Carpet Cleaning Questions

It is important to make sure they are IICRC certified. Be aware that some carpet cleaners charge extra for spot removal so ask for what possible charges may come after they visit your home. Although our industry has no licenses in most states and most cleaners are not typically bonded, it is important they at least have general liability insurance since they will be working in your home.

Researching Carpet Cleaners

One of the best ways to tell if they are worth their salt is to check your local BBB. Another is from reviews from sites like Servicemagic and Angies list. You may also check their Facebook page or other social media outlets to read what customers have written about them.

Pre Carpet Cleaning Preperation

Alright, so you have picked our cleaner and scheduled your appointment, now you just have a few things to do. These can be found in our preparation page. Of theses the most important would be to notify your cleaner if you want any large furniture that would require two people to move. This way your cleaner can be better prepared. You may also want to read our after cleaning and continual care pages as well.

We hope you enjoy our guide. All the pages are listed to the left of this page and you may search our entire site using the search box at the top of this page. You may also email the author with any questions not covered.

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