Pit Washing

There are many methods Andrews employees to clean oriental rugs. These range from dry cleaning, hosting, to surface extraction to pit washing. When the rug allows for it, the preferred method to clean an area rug is to pit wash the rug.

The top two factors that are taken into consideration is condition of the rug and any current issues with the rug. Condition primarily consist of the type and strength of the backing of the rug and how set or colorfast the dyes are on the rug.

The other factor is exactly what is wrong with the rug, in particular is there an odor caused by dog or cat urine. Quite often, pit washing is the only way to ensure that we are able to remove the source urine from the oriental rug.

For heavy urine odors, the rugs typically have their dies set using acetic acid and soak over night to break down the urine deep inside the rug. The next day, the rug is hand washed in a pit using a wand with running water to flush out the contaminants.

Afterwards, your oriental rug is hung to dry then fringes are treated and the rug is lightly sprayed with Australian tea tree oil to disinfect and deodorize.

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