Professional commercial carpet cleaners should know more than one method.

Commercial carpet cleaning requires more than just a one trick pony carpet cleaner. The fact is most professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction and that’s it. The problem is that quite often this is not the best method for commercial cleaning.

Commercial carpet is typically a tight looped carpet unlike longer residential piles. While this sort of carpet wears well for high traffic settings (no packing) it also is very susceptible to spots reappearing as well as color loss and dirty traffic lanes due to increased traffic. When cleaning commercial carpet some of the best methods are dry procedures.

These methods include bonneting, cymexing, and dry compound mixed in with hot water extraction. If your professional carpet cleaning company is unsure of these various methods, you might want to keep shopping.

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Carpet Bubbles after Cleaning

Bubbles in commercial carpets after hot water extraction carpet cleaning are not common but they do happen.  The first reaction from most customers is to blame the carpet cleaner (understandably so) but 9 times out of 10 it is an issue with the carpet installation. Often the better the machinery used to clean the carpet the worse it bubbles!

The culprit? Not enough adhesive, old crystalized adhesive or moisture issues in the slab.  The hot water injected and vacuumed during hot water extraction tends to exasperate this existing solution.  Unfortunately,  hot water and strong vacuum is what all carpet cleaners strive to achieve. So the better the cleaner’s machinery the worse the carpet bubbles.

Again, this is not the fault of the cleaner but simply a problem that no carpet cleaner (unless perhaps he has some sort of magical powers I am unaware of) can foresee. The good news is that the carpet almost always lays down within a few days.  I know here in Tyler Texas and most of East Texas we have a high humidity so it is important to run your air conditioner or heater to speed up the drying process.

The solution is to use a dry carpet cleaning method. Methods include using a dry cleaning compound, encapsulation or bonnet cleaning.  All these methods are explained in our carpet cleaning guide on our website.

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