4 tips to chose a professional oriental rug cleaner

1) Be very wary of carpet cleaning companies who say they can clean your rugs on site. Professional carpet cleaners typically use hot water extraction, hot water can bleed an oriental so if they do clean on site be sure they colorfast test the rug.

2) Do not let carpet cleaners clean oriental rugs if they do not have an rug cleaning facility. This is not to say your rug cannot be cleaned on site but if the cleaning company does not have a mini-plant and specializes in oriental rug cleaning, odds are they are not prepared to deal with the complexities of oriental rug care.

3) Assuming your professional rug cleaner has a rug cleaning facility, be sure they have specialized dusting equipment. Rugs can be washed over and over but if the dry particulate matter is not first removed it is very difficult for it to be removed during a pit wash.

4) Be sure their facilities have a drying chamber. Rugs are most often ruined by slow dry times than anything else. Even though a rug can be cleaned correctly, issues can pop up if just an extra day or two of dry time is introduced due to humidity or cold weather conditions.

Bonus tip: Even if a rug is cleaned at their facilities be sure all rugs are colorfast tested before washing!

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How to get mud out of carpet.

OK, so its’ been raining a lot in the Tyler area and by “a lot” I mean a metric ton. Unfortunately, with all this rain we get muddy carpets no matter how careful we try to be.

Getting mud out of carpet

Getting mud out of carpet

The good news is that you should not need a professional carpet cleaner, unless of course its an extremely large area and you just don’t have the time.

The first thing to do is go get some coffee and hang out with the kids or whatever you do to kill time, but you need to wait until the mud is completely dry. After the mud has had time to dry, you can break it up with a towel or an old hair brush but be sure not to be too aggressive and smear it into the carpet.

Then you will need to vacuum. Make several passes going each direction, try not to walk on large mud clumps so as to not embed the mud into the carpet. If you do not have a decent vacuum cleaner then buy one. A good vacuum will extend your carpet’s lifespan by years.

Once the particulate matter has been removed you will need to grab the carpet spotter you use (we suggest a product called Unbelievable by Core products). Or mix a very small amount of dish washing soap in water. With a white towel blot the area, do not scrub. Scrubbing on carpet can cause abrasion and make matters worse. Afterwards blot dry with a clean white towel.

If after all this you cannot get the mud out, just call your local carpet cleaning professional and be sure that the company uses hot water extraction. Professional carpet cleaners will always be able to get mud out of carpets.

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Water damage and mold.

The first question water damage restoration companies typically get from homeowners after a flood is ‘will there be mold?’. As we all know, Tyler, Whitehouse and other surrounding cities have been pounded the last few days. There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to mold, I will try to address a few in this article.

The biggest concern we have is time. Time is our enemy. The good news is that even though many biologists will say mold begins to grow within 24 hours, in the real world it is more like 5 to 18 days before you see actual growth coming through something like sheetrock.

The vast number of water damages we see never experience any mold growth. Mold growth usually only happens when no one is living in the house and the home stayed wet for an extended period of time. That said, the faster you contact a water damage mitigation company the less likely it is you will have damage to baseboards, sheetrock, furniture etc.

If there is mold found in the house, breathe easy (pun intended). The majority of the time the mold we find here in East Texas is not the supposedly dangerous kind. Over the years we have sent off hundreds of samples to labs and the results usually show growth of molds we breathe in all the time in East Texas. Yes, we have seen a few cases of Stachybotrys chartarum aka black mold but it is fairly rare.

Another tidbit of information is that mold toxins at indoor environmental levels have never been shown scientifically to cause any illness. However, good luck selling your home with mold growth, not to mention the odor is just plain nasty. So don’t stress, call a water damage expert as soon as it floods and you should be good to go.

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Rain is not the only Wet Threat

After the Spring storms we’ve had, it can be easy to forget that flooding and water damage often originate within a home. Things like damaged appliances, broken pipes, and busted water heaters can cause the same type of misery as a cresting river or diverted stream.

In the end, water is water, and it can do significant and costly damage to your home no matter where it came from. That’s why we offer a quick response time and the best training and equipment. We can handle almost any water related disaster, no matter how big or small it is.

Not only can we handle any job, we can handle the whole job. Since we are a full service restoration company, we can perform all the steps required to fully restore you home or business, including: water removal, structure repair. We can also handle the cleanup and restoration of your personal items and effects.

Lastly, its important to remember that our services are available 24/7 because the faster we can get started on cleanup, the less costly the water damage will be. To contact us about a water emergency, call 903-566-3081 or email us at sales@andrewscarpetcleaning.com.

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Cleaners near me?

Whether it be carpet cleaners, house cleaners or window cleaners the best method to find them is through their reviews. Everyone can boast about how he or she is the best cleaner in Tyler but nothing does better than getting reviews from people around you. Sure, its still a good idea to ask Mom (or maybe Dad) but honestly, how much of their opinion of a cleaner is based on their loyalty vs. how good the company really is.

Today, we can instantly find hundreds of reviews from hundreds of sources. But you have to be careful, not all review sites are honest. Some allow any old person to give a review which allows companies to post their own reviews. Fortunately, most of those sites are usually not around anymore but they are still out there.

Luckily there are a few sites (some even free) that you can more confident in that their cleaning reviews are accurate and honest. The ones that come to the top of my mind are Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Google. Out of the three, Angie’s list does require a membership but the reviews tend to be very thorough.

Any carpet cleaners, house cleaners or any service person period should be thoroughly vetted before being allowed in your home. And now you can do this in a matter of minutes!

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How To Get Mud Out Of Your Carpets

The question of mud stains tends to come up on rainy days like today. Mud can come from a lot of different sources: A missed step into a flowerbed, runoff into your driveway or parking lot, and, of course, it can come from the classic mess makers, pets and children, neither of which seem to give much thought to what they bring in from outside.

Unlike some stains, it is generally best to wait for the mud to dry before you attempt to clean it up. Since mud is mostly just dirt and water it is a bit safer to leave it a while, just make sure nobody is stepping on that area and grinding it down into the deeper layers of your carpet.

Once the mud has dried out, you will first want to vacuum up as much of the sand and dirt as possible. Don’t be hasty here. Instead, put your vacuum on its most powerful setting and go slowly over the mud stain at least a good ten times. Your vacuum should be able to break up and pull out a good bit of the dry mud so give it plenty of passes to do its job.

Next, you will want to move to your old standby technique: blotting. Get some dishwashing soap from the kitchen and a decent sized bowl. You’ll want to mix about a tablespoon of soap (that’s one decent squirt or blob for those of us not immediately cooking inclined), with about two cups of warm water. With your soapy water ready, take a clean towel or rag, a white one if you have it, soak it briefly in your water, then press it firmly onto the stain and hold for a few moments.

You’ll repeat this blotting process as needed until you lift up all visible signs of your mud stain. Do be aware that if you are using a small cloth you might want to swap it out after a bit to make sure you don’t start transferring the dirt back to your carpet.

With any luck, this will pull up the entire stain. If, by chance, the stain already got ground into your carpet or just isn’t coming up as well as you’d want it to, which could happen with a heavier layer of mud, it might be time to call in the professionals. At Andrews Carpet Cleaning, our powerful hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines will make easy work of the remaining stain beyond what you can do with normal home equipment.

If you think you’re going to need some help, give us a call at (903) 566 3081, or send us an email at info@andrewscarpetcleaning.com.

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Your Carpet’s Natural Enemy

Wear and tear is the natural enemy of your carpet, but maybe not the way that you think. Most of the time we think of wear and tear we tend to think of mechanical systems like a car engine or things that naturally scuff or rub against other things like running shoes making repeated contact with the sidewalk.

For carpet, then, the wear and tear would come from being stepped on, right? Not entirely. Foot traffic does effect the longevity of your carpet, but carpet fibers are tiny and for the most part they shrug off being pressed against each other each time you walk on by. What actually reduces the vibrancy and lifespan of your carpet is something much smaller: Dirt and Dust.

If you were to pick up a sharp rock and roll it around in your hand it might poke or scratch at your skin. The fibers of your carpet are so small that the individual grains of dust and dirt that collect between them are like like that sharp rock in your hand. With every step, you press the soft, shiny fibers of your carpet into thousand of tiny sharp rocks. That’s where the wear and tear comes from!

There are two things you can do to help prevent dust and dirt from shortening the life of your carpet:

  1. Vacuum regularly. By removing as much of the dust and dirt as you can you reduce the gradual wear and tear on your carpet.
  2. Schedule periodic professional carpet cleanings. Most carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets cleaned around once a year to remove the dust and dirt and a regular vacuum cleaner won’t be able to get.

At Andrews Carpet Cleaning, we have decades of experience cleaning carpets. We know which techniques to use for different types of stains and make use of the latest cleaning agents and equipment.

To schedule your carpet cleaning give us a call at (903) 566 3081 or email us at info@andrewscarpetcleaning.com

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Nicholas’ Pet Haven

Often times pets and carpet cleaners are on opposite sides. Through no fault of their own, pets naturally contribute to dirt buildup in carpets. And that’s not even counting the occasional accident. But, there are some times where we are on the same team. Take the inspiring story of Nicholas, the young founder of Nicholas’ Pet Haven. When he was 14, Nicholas used the internet and social media to help reconnect a pet with its owner. From that humble beginning, Nicholas and his parents grew their services to national fame. Today, they are busy helping save pets from the pound while continuing their original mission of helping reconnect lost pets with their owners.


Nicholas’ Pet Haven is unique in East Texas in that they don’t run another pet shelter. Instead, they help find willing families to care for and train pets until a permanent family can be found for them. Their efforts have gained attention both in our local East Texas area and have even made the national news!

We are proud to contribute to Nicholas’ Pet Haven and invite you to do the same.

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While Your Carpets Are Drying

In a previous post we talked about some things you can do to help improve the experience of having your carpets cleaned. Today, we have a couple of quick, easy tips about how to treat your carpet immediately after it has been cleaned.

Everyone knows our first tip: Don’t walk on wet carpet with dirty shoes. This one is easy to follow, or at least you may think it is until your child, just back from losing an exciting make believe war with a muddy East Texas puddle, takes a Family Circus style “shortcut” across every floor in your house on the way to their room. Dirt loves damp surfaces so it’s best for everyone to remove their shoes when coming inside after the first few hours after having your carpet cleaned.

Normally, it’s perfectly fine to cross damp carpet while wearing a clean pair of socks, but be careful. Carpets cleaned with our Hot Water Extraction process may not feel damp through your socks but can still slide across hard surfaces like hardwood or tile. Be careful not to slip!

There is one big exception to the sock rule, however. If your carpet has received the additional protection of a fresh application of Scotch Guard you really do need to stay off it. The protectant needs time to dry and penetrate the fibers of your carpet and walking on it can disturb it or have it absorb into your clean socks instead of your clean carpet. As a rule, stay off of your carpet a good two hours to three hours, just to be sure.

Follow these tips and your carpet will have the chance to dry fresh and clean without the worry that it might get soiled again so soon after the experts at Andrews Carpet Cleaning left.

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Things You Can Do Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Having served Tyler and the East Texas area for over 50 years, we’ve learned a lot of carpet cleaning tricks of the trade at Andrews Carpet Cleaning. Tricks that help us do our job better. We know how different types of carpets will react to different methods of cleaning. We know how to handle a multitude of various stains. We’ve worked out how best to protect hallways and doorways from bumps and scuffs as we clean.

Along the way, we’ve come across a few things that East Texas homeowners and business owners can do to help make the experience of having their carpets or floors cleaned go more smoothly. Some of these may seem like common sense, but even the little things add up. Here are the top three things you can do before having your carpets professionally cleaned:

1. Move furniture and breakable items ahead of time. – Our experienced technicians will do everything they can to avoid bumping or damaging your property, but it’s easiest to prevent accidents by making sure they can’t happen in the first place. Not only does moving small and medium items help prevent them from getting broken, it saves us time and allows you to get your house back in order that much sooner.

2. Turn on your air conditioning. – One of the main functions of central air conditioning is to pull the moisture out of the air helping it to feel even cooler than it actually is. Your air conditioning unit is powerful enough to dehumidify the air throughout your entire home and then some. By turning your air conditioning on before we start cleaning your carpets and leaving it running afterwards it will help your carpets dry significantly faster.

3. Show us where the problem areas are. – We have cleaned thousands of carpets over the past 50 years and generally know what to look for in terms of dirt and stains, but every home is unique and nobody knows your home or business as well as you do. We are always grateful when our clients take the time to show us spots they want us to focus on. Sometimes we might change up the way we clean that area, or give it an extra pass, or use our experience to apply a different type of cleaner to break up a tough bit of dirt or stain more easily. We can also double check with our clients afterwards to make sure we handled problem spots to their satisfaction.

Though they seems a bit silly to suggest, taking these simple steps does make a difference and can do a lot to help improve your carpet cleaning experience.

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