Cleaners near me?

Whether it be carpet cleaners, house cleaners or window cleaners the best method to find them is through their reviews. Everyone can boast about how he or she is the best cleaner in Tyler but nothing does better than getting reviews from people around you. Sure, its still a good idea to ask Mom (or maybe Dad) but honestly, how much of their opinion of a cleaner is based on their loyalty vs. how good the company really is.

Today, we can instantly find hundreds of reviews from hundreds of sources. But you have to be careful, not all review sites are honest. Some allow any old person to give a review which allows companies to post their own reviews. Fortunately, most of those sites are usually not around anymore but they are still out there.

Luckily there are a few sites (some even free) that you can more confident in that their cleaning reviews are accurate and honest. The ones that come to the top of my mind are Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Google. Out of the three, Angie’s list does require a membership but the reviews tend to be very thorough.

Any carpet cleaners, house cleaners or any service person period should be thoroughly vetted before being allowed in your home. And now you can do this in a matter of minutes!

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