How To Get Mud Out Of Your Carpets

The question of mud stains tends to come up on rainy days like today. Mud can come from a lot of different sources: A missed step into a flowerbed, runoff into your driveway or parking lot, and, of course, it can come from the classic mess makers, pets and children, neither of which seem to give much thought to what they bring in from outside.

Unlike some stains, it is generally best to wait for the mud to dry before you attempt to clean it up. Since mud is mostly just dirt and water it is a bit safer to leave it a while, just make sure nobody is stepping on that area and grinding it down into the deeper layers of your carpet.

Once the mud has dried out, you will first want to vacuum up as much of the sand and dirt as possible. Don’t be hasty here. Instead, put your vacuum on its most powerful setting and go slowly over the mud stain at least a good ten times. Your vacuum should be able to break up and pull out a good bit of the dry mud so give it plenty of passes to do its job.

Next, you will want to move to your old standby technique: blotting. Get some dishwashing soap from the kitchen and a decent sized bowl. You’ll want to mix about a tablespoon of soap (that’s one decent squirt or blob for those of us not immediately cooking inclined), with about two cups of warm water. With your soapy water ready, take a clean towel or rag, a white one if you have it, soak it briefly in your water, then press it firmly onto the stain and hold for a few moments.

You’ll repeat this blotting process as needed until you lift up all visible signs of your mud stain. Do be aware that if you are using a small cloth you might want to swap it out after a bit to make sure you don’t start transferring the dirt back to your carpet.

With any luck, this will pull up the entire stain. If, by chance, the stain already got ground into your carpet or just isn’t coming up as well as you’d want it to, which could happen with a heavier layer of mud, it might be time to call in the professionals. At Andrews Carpet Cleaning, our powerful hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines will make easy work of the remaining stain beyond what you can do with normal home equipment.

If you think you’re going to need some help, give us a call at (903) 566 3081, or send us an email at

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