Your Carpet’s Natural Enemy

Wear and tear is the natural enemy of your carpet, but maybe not the way that you think. Most of the time we think of wear and tear we tend to think of mechanical systems like a car engine or things that naturally scuff or rub against other things like running shoes making repeated contact with the sidewalk.

For carpet, then, the wear and tear would come from being stepped on, right? Not entirely. Foot traffic does effect the longevity of your carpet, but carpet fibers are tiny and for the most part they shrug off being pressed against each other each time you walk on by. What actually reduces the vibrancy and lifespan of your carpet is something much smaller: Dirt and Dust.

If you were to pick up a sharp rock and roll it around in your hand it might poke or scratch at your skin. The fibers of your carpet are so small that the individual grains of dust and dirt that collect between them are like like that sharp rock in your hand. With every step, you press the soft, shiny fibers of your carpet into thousand of tiny sharp rocks. That’s where the wear and tear comes from!

There are two things you can do to help prevent dust and dirt from shortening the life of your carpet:

  1. Vacuum regularly. By removing as much of the dust and dirt as you can you reduce the gradual wear and tear on your carpet.
  2. Schedule periodic professional carpet cleanings. Most carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets cleaned around once a year to remove the dust and dirt and a regular vacuum cleaner won’t be able to get.

At Andrews Carpet Cleaning, we have decades of experience cleaning carpets. We know which techniques to use for different types of stains and make use of the latest cleaning agents and equipment.

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