Nicholas’ Pet Haven

Often times pets and carpet cleaners are on opposite sides. Through no fault of their own, pets naturally contribute to dirt buildup in carpets. And that’s not even counting the occasional accident. But, there are some times where we are on the same team. Take the inspiring story of Nicholas, the young founder of Nicholas’ Pet Haven. When he was 14, Nicholas used the internet and social media to help reconnect a pet with its owner. From that humble beginning, Nicholas and his parents grew their services to national fame. Today, they are busy helping save pets from the pound while continuing their original mission of helping reconnect lost pets with their owners.


Nicholas’ Pet Haven is unique in East Texas in that they don’t run another pet shelter. Instead, they help find willing families to care for and train pets until a permanent family can be found for them. Their efforts have gained attention both in our local East Texas area and have even made the national news!

We are proud to contribute to Nicholas’ Pet Haven and invite you to do the same.

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