While Your Carpets Are Drying

In a previous post we talked about some things you can do to help improve the experience of having your carpets cleaned. Today, we have a couple of quick, easy tips about how to treat your carpet immediately after it has been cleaned.

Everyone knows our first tip: Don’t walk on wet carpet with dirty shoes. This one is easy to follow, or at least you may think it is until your child, just back from losing an exciting make believe war with a muddy East Texas puddle, takes a Family Circus style “shortcut” across every floor in your house on the way to their room. Dirt loves damp surfaces so it’s best for everyone to remove their shoes when coming inside after the first few hours after having your carpet cleaned.

Normally, it’s perfectly fine to cross damp carpet while wearing a clean pair of socks, but be careful. Carpets cleaned with our Hot Water Extraction process may not feel damp through your socks but can still slide across hard surfaces like hardwood or tile. Be careful not to slip!

There is one big exception to the sock rule, however. If your carpet has received the additional protection of a fresh application of Scotch Guard you really do need to stay off it. The protectant needs time to dry and penetrate the fibers of your carpet and walking on it can disturb it or have it absorb into your clean socks instead of your clean carpet. As a rule, stay off of your carpet a good two hours to three hours, just to be sure.

Follow these tips and your carpet will have the chance to dry fresh and clean without the worry that it might get soiled again so soon after the experts at Andrews Carpet Cleaning left.

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