Things You Can Do Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Having served Tyler and the East Texas area for over 50 years, we’ve learned a lot of carpet cleaning tricks of the trade at Andrews Carpet Cleaning. Tricks that help us do our job better. We know how different types of carpets will react to different methods of cleaning. We know how to handle a multitude of various stains. We’ve worked out how best to protect hallways and doorways from bumps and scuffs as we clean.

Along the way, we’ve come across a few things that East Texas homeowners and business owners can do to help make the experience of having their carpets or floors cleaned go more smoothly. Some of these may seem like common sense, but even the little things add up. Here are the top three things you can do before having your carpets professionally cleaned:

1. Move furniture and breakable items ahead of time. – Our experienced technicians will do everything they can to avoid bumping or damaging your property, but it’s easiest to prevent accidents by making sure they can’t happen in the first place. Not only does moving small and medium items help prevent them from getting broken, it saves us time and allows you to get your house back in order that much sooner.

2. Turn on your air conditioning. – One of the main functions of central air conditioning is to pull the moisture out of the air helping it to feel even cooler than it actually is. Your air conditioning unit is powerful enough to dehumidify the air throughout your entire home and then some. By turning your air conditioning on before we start cleaning your carpets and leaving it running afterwards it will help your carpets dry significantly faster.

3. Show us where the problem areas are. – We have cleaned thousands of carpets over the past 50 years and generally know what to look for in terms of dirt and stains, but every home is unique and nobody knows your home or business as well as you do. We are always grateful when our clients take the time to show us spots they want us to focus on. Sometimes we might change up the way we clean that area, or give it an extra pass, or use our experience to apply a different type of cleaner to break up a tough bit of dirt or stain more easily. We can also double check with our clients afterwards to make sure we handled problem spots to their satisfaction.

Though they seems a bit silly to suggest, taking these simple steps does make a difference and can do a lot to help improve your carpet cleaning experience.

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