Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Furniture Indention

Quite often we get asked the question if furniture indentations in carpet will be removed during the carpet cleaning process. Unfortunately, the answer is: “sometimes”. During the hot water extraction process carpet fibers are both heated and vacuumed.

Heating the carpet fibers with hot water used during the cleaning process makes the fibers more malleable allowing the crushed material to be manipulated. Since the hot water extraction pulls the water out of the carpet it also pulls the fibers up with a lifting action caused by the extremely high vacuum from the wand.

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the best methods to bring out the original state of crushed carpet. That being said, dependent upon the length of time and weight of the furniture that was set on top of the carpet, as well as the carpet style, you may or may not see dramatic results.

A professional carpet cleaner should be able to inspect your carpet ahead of time and inform you on how well your furniture indentations should improve.

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