Encapsulation Cleaning for Commercial Carpets

For office buildings, banks and other commercial settings, often it can be a big hassle to have the carpets cleaned. Although we highly recommend hot water extraction at least once or twice a year, another faster dry method called encapsulation can be employed between these hot water extraction periods.

Encapsulation is a low moisture method used by commercial carpet cleaners that is able to be done during normal business hours. This method consists of lightly spraying the encapsulation material onto the ground then removing with dry pads. This chemical bonds and crystallizes the dirt and allows even deep ground in dirt and chemical to easily be vacuumed out.

Each time the carpet is vacuumed after it is encapsulated, the carpet gets cleaners and cleaner because the soils are trapped inside the crystalline polymers. Encapsulation chemicals are typically scrubbed in with a machine such as a Cimex Cyclone that uses counter rotating brushes to scrub the chemical deep within the carpet.

Professional commercial carpet cleaners should employ a number of tools such as hot water extraction, encapsulation, host etc.. Each method is used depending on the clients individual needs and circumstances.

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  1. Very nice post. This is a great explanation of how the encapsulation method of carpet cleaning works. It is definitely one of the most convenient methods for office buildings and commercial settings.

  2. site says:

    how great is that. you are right

  3. Deanna R. Jones says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ve wondered how commercial carpet cleaning services work. It’s good to know that encapsulation cleaning is a good method to clean carpets in an office setting. The carpets in my office haven’t been cleaned in a long time, but there’s little time to hire a professional service to have them cleaned. It seems like the company should make time to bring in some professionals since encapsulation cleaning can help give the carpets a good deep clean.

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