Carpet Drying Times in East Texas

After a professional steam cleaning of your carpets the carpet will generally take between 4 and 6 hours to dry. Here are several factors that affect dry time and how you can help speed it up:

If it is hot and humid  the carpet will take slightly longer to dry, though the difference should not be alarmingly significant.  This may tack on a couple extra hours of dry time. The best way to help alleviate this issue is to make sure your A/C is on and ceiling fans in the house are running.
In East Texas, humidity can be an issue. Its always important to make sure all your windows and doors are closed.
Air movement/circulation
This is the most significant factor in drying your freshly cleaned carpet.  Obviously, opening up windows on a beautiful day will help to dry your carpets, but this is not always an option with the, usually humid, Tyler weather conditions so here are some other options:
Your home A/C fan- On your thermostat your fan is often set to Auto, so that it only runs when your A/C is either heating or cooling your home.  If you switch your A/C fan to ON after you have your carpet cleaned this will cause your A/C fan to continuously circulate the air in your home allowing your carpets to dry more quickly. Note that this will not cause your heat or A/C to run continuously only the fan itself.
Ceiling fans- In rooms with ceiling fans, leaving the fan on will help significantly to dry your clean carpet.  Setting up other fans, such as box fans will also help, but is certainly not necessary. Often, our technicians will recommend setting box fans directly over trouble spots that may return if not dried fast enough.
Keeping  interior doors open- If there are doors on the areas which you have had cleaned (bedrooms or especially basements/steps) leaving them open allows air to flow through your house, and allows the carpet to dry more efficiently.
Keep all exterior doors as well as windows closed due to high humidity here in Tyler Tx.

Keep in mind, drying time is particularly important to keep spots from returning after your professional carpet cleaning.

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4 Responses to Carpet Drying Times in East Texas

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning is best option in comparison of wet cleaning may be cause of germs due to humidity.

  2. I agree, dry or low moisture definitely has its place. The company I work for offers low moisture cleaning (primarily for commercial) and I have seen some pretty amazing results. However, I have always preferred hot water extraction since it actually flushes contaminates from deep within the carpets.

  3. I agree. I like Dry Carpet Cleaning compaired to wet cleaning. There are times when you use wet cleaning the carpet wont dry perfectly and the problem to that is the moisture that can be a perfectly place for bacteria to grow plus, it will leave an awful odor.

  4. JF says:

    it only leaves an odor or smell if it’s not done correctly, my experience with hot washing and proper drying (box fans are around 10 dollars, buying 3 and rotating them out of each room will totally dry that room within a few hours.) has always given good results.

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