Another tip to know if your professional carpet cleaner cares

Last week I posted about how to tell if your professional carpet cleaning provider respects your home. What I discussed was the door guards used by some (very few actually) carpet cleaners use to keep your air conditioned air in the home and bugs and pests out.

As mentioned in previous posts we strongly feel that hot water extraction is the best method to professionally clean carpet in your home or business. However, one small downside is that if the cleaner is not careful then their hoses could potentially scratch your baseboards when going around corners.

A great tool that great cleaners use is called “Wall Buddies”. These small plastic guards protect the corners of your walls from the hoses that professionals have to bring into the home to clean your carpet. If you see your cleaner using these tools you know that they respect and care about your home as they should!

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  1. Brad P. says:

    Great post. I agree with water extraction being one of the best methods for cleaning. And I had no idea about the “wall buddies!” Thank you so much! I will investigate the possibility of utilizing those in my business as well. Thanks again.

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