Is it a spot or a stain on your carpet?

Being able to easily identify spots vs. stains on carpet is one of the hallmarks of a true professional carpet cleaner. Typically a stain is “colored” IE red, green or blue while spots are brown, grey or black in color. If  you have a room that has a ton of spills on the carpet and are on the fence on whether to pay for a professional carpet cleaning or just to toss it, take a close look at the colors.

If you see that the vast majority of the spills are grey or brown than you are probably going to be surprised at how well a professional carpet cleaner can restore your carpet. If the spills are more colorful then they are more likely to be stains. The one exception is red spills. A true professional will be able to treat this through a process known as heat transference, which I will talk more about in my next post.

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  1. Sam says:

    This is a great post about the differences between spots and stains. It’s amazing how many times I go in to a home after the homeowner has said that they have a bunch of stains only to realize that they are really just spots. Certainly a different approach when it comes to cleaning them and usually the clients are left pretty amazed when we’re done!

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