Allergens and Carpet Cleaning

Here in Tyler TX, we get a lot of pollen. During certain times of the year this yellow dust coats everything from cars to children. Other allergens such as dust mites and animal dander can be an issue for many people as well. All of these allergens are constantly being filtered in the home by your carpet and oriental rugs.

Just like any other filter, carpet over time will collect so much of these allergens that it begins losing its effectiveness. As this happens, air quality in the home begins to dwindle and you may notice yourself and those around you getting a sniffy nose more often or even having a harder time breathing. A professional carpet cleaner using hot water extraction can remove these allergens from your carpet like washing out a filter.

Just like changing air filters in your heating and cooling system, professional carpet cleaning will improve air quality in the home.

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4 Responses to Allergens and Carpet Cleaning

  1. Hi there many thanks for the information. This is exactly what ive been looking for. I run a succesfull driveway cleaning company in Birmingham UK. I am considering expanding the business to include office cleaning so i have been looking for information and views from industry experts such as here. Are there any other articles that you could point me to? Kind regards

  2. So true. Most people associate there allergies with the air duct system and don’t think twice about their carpet. Not to say the air duct don’t need cleaning. Being in the industry we obviously vacuum our carpets often but customers forget the importance. I always educate customers by reminding them about their wood floors and how much dirt is swept up daily. This gives them a good idea of what they are not cleaning up within their carpet. Good article. And yes, steam cleaning is the only way to go.

  3. Yeah, we have looked at every method (low moisture / low chemical etc.) and have always come back to the time tested hot water extraction process.

    Hot water and soap gets stuff clean, who would have thunked it? =)

  4. People are genuinely surprised at how much can get caught in the carpet sometimes. That’s why regular cleanings are important. The hot water extraction is a great step to take.

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