Cleaning Sisal Carpet

Once in a while we get a call in regards to sisal carpet and rugs. The fact is, sisal CAN be wet cleaned but its “tricky”. When cleaning sisal rugs we typically completely submerge the rug since getting the rug typically darkens it, we want an “even” look. In regards to a slight discoloration (not a bad thing if its “even”), the rug will also shrink somewhat so its important to get it evenly wet all over so that it does not warp.

Customers should know that cleaning sisal rugs is a restorative cleaning and it wont be perfect. In many cases the rug must be re-colored to fully restore and this can lead to extra cost as bleached fibers darken and colored fibers fade.

In the end we suggest to not purchase sisal rugs. Out of all the rugs we clean, sisal is typically the most problematic and is usually more of a hassle than its worth to clean.

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