Wear vs. Dirt in Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the toughest area of carpet cleaning is the removal of traffic lanes. Traffic lanes are the patterns that develop in halls and choke points in the home like doorways and entryways where traffic is at its highest. The reason for the difficulty is two fold.

One reason is that there is naturally more dirt found in these areas. In addition, oil from asphalt is brought into the home at these entry points darkening out the carpet. All this oil and dirt is the easy part, it can (if done correctly) be removed completely with little to no discoloration.

The other side of the coin is wear. This is because (especially with the soil in Tyler and East Texas) sand is ground across the carpet between the carpet and our shoes. This scratches the carpet. In addition the tops of the carpet twists become frayed.

All this scratching and fraying causes light to bounce off the carpet differently. Most notably, not as much light returns to your eye. What this means is you get a darkening of the carpet that makes it look dirty… But its not, its just worn and unfortunately it cannot be repaired.

It is impossible to fix this darkening from wear but if your carpet is routinely cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner using hot water extraction, your carpet will last for years and years.

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4 Responses to Wear vs. Dirt in Professional Carpet Cleaning

  1. Mark Lange says:

    I have to pick a contractor to clean the carpets in a new building I just “inherited” . I have used you guys in the past and I have had nothing but good experiences.

    So, will call, and get you guys on the new building which is 12,000 sf. I will call for price monday.

    See you soon.

  2. Many people don’t realize that professional carpet cleaning can extend the life of carpet thus saving them money. Good point

  3. Cleaning your carpets once every 6 months is a good rule to live by as well. This will help reduce the amount of oil and sand that is causing the fraying of the carpet fibers.

  4. Hi Mark, sorry for just now getting to your post. We get thousands of spam on this blog a week and its hard for me to keep up with legitimate posts! Thanks for the kind words and I hope you were satisfied with our services.

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