How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

One question we get from our residential carpet cleaning customers in Tyler TX is how often should their carpet be professionally cleaned. Often we hear our customers say that once their carpet is cleaned its never the same or that you should wait as long as possible between cleanings.

These comments are typically made by people who have had their carpet cleaned by technicians who are un-educated, lazy or both. Most often what has happened is the technician has left a heavy residue in the carpet. Soap of course attracts dirt and when left in the carpet, the carpet tends to get dirty a lot faster after its been cleaned than in the past.Traffic Lane Carpet

Fortunately, carpet can be cleaned properly by a true professional and left in a good restored condition. This is actually increase the lifespan of the carpet since damaging sand that was not removed with a vacuum is no longer cutting the fibers of the carpet.

Carpet manufactures recommend residential carpet cleaning should be performed by a professional every 18 to 24 months. And that professional should use hot water extraction as the preferred carpet cleaning method and that the professional carpet cleaning firm should be certified by the IICRC.

In addition to keeping the carpet in your home lasting longer. Hot water extraction also removes the pollen, dust and other allergens that can lead to poor air quality in the home.

So once again, every 18-24 months depending on traffic in the home (IE how many kiddoes you have) should be sufficient for most residential carpet cleaning schedules. If you would like further advise for carpet cleaning in Tyler Texas please give us a call.


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