The Importance of Carpet Protector

Carpet protectors like Scotchgard when applied by a professional carpet cleaner can extend the life of your carpet for years. Many people think of carpet protector is solely used for help with stains. This is true, it does create a barrier between food and beverages as well as other liquids buying you time to get to a spill and clean it up before it sets into the carpet fibers. Most professional carpet cleaners in Tyler TX and other areas offer this service.

But carpet protector does more than just help with stains. Carpet protector can also be used as a shield between the carpet fibers and sand. This is important because the reason most carpet is replaced is not because of a spot but because of traffic patterns that develop.

These walkways form down the center of halls and in the entrance ways to rooms. They are usually light in color compared to the rest of the carpet. This is due to scratches that occur on the carpet fibers making the light refract differently off the carpet causing a dulling effect.

These traffic lanes are unable to be repaired. Once they develop they are permanent, so having a professional carpet cleaner apply carpet protector after carpet cleaning is a matter of protecting the investment you have in your flooring.

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