Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether its for your restaurant, office or daycare facility commercial carpet cleaning is quite a bit different in a business than the carpet cleaning performed in your home. Not only are the demands put on the carpet higher in commercial settings but the carpet’s construction is vastly different. Many professional carpet cleaners are focused primarily on residential carpet cleaning and only do commercial work on the side.

This can lead to carpet cleaners treating their commercial work the same way they do for residential carpet cleaning. Often this will lead to the carpet cleaning not coming out near as well as if a more aggressive approach was taken. Commercial carpet is able to not only take higher abrasion techniques but can also typically take on a stronger carpet cleaning solution.

One method of cleaning commercial carpet that can be employed is bonnet cleaning. This carpet cleaning technique involves an oscillating scrubbing pad on the end of a floor machine. Not only does the pad absorb a lot of the dirt it helps greatly with traffic patterns that are common in commercial settings.

After bonnet cleaning, hot water extraction is used to remove the chemicals and left over dirt. Higher pH chemicals can typically be used on commercial carpets without running the risk of damaging the carpet. In Tyler TX we have humidity issues that often cause asphalt from parking lots to be tracked in over time to our commercial buildings. By mixing in degreasers, professional carpet cleaners can help mitigate this issue.

When determining a company to use for your commercial carpet cleaning, it may be wise to ask for some of their commercial references.

If you have any other questions about commercial carpet cleaning in Tyler TX, please give us a call any time!

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