Carpet Drying after Cleaning

One of the most frequent questions we get is how long will it take my carpet to dry after a professional carpet cleaning. Many of our customers feel like it may take a long time to dry and are often ask about dry cleaning the carpet. This is primarily due to misinformation floating around about hot water extraction.

See, “back in the day” carpet was literally shampooed using a floor machine and the process often took days to dry. Today however, carpet is still cleaned with soap and water but the water is immediately vacuumed out by a high powered extraction machine. Each year these machines get stronger and stronger creating more and more vacuuming power so every year the carpets are drying faster and faster.

Typically carpet is left only slightly damp when the technician leaves. Unless there is heavy soiling, a normal carpet cleaning takes only a few hours to completely dry. The exact time is based on the relative humidity in the home as well as how much air flow is in the room.

In Tyler TX, we often have a high humidity situation outside so its best to leave our air conditioner on before during and after a carpet cleaning. In the winter the same goes for leaving the heat on. In addition any ceiling fans should be left on to speed the drying process.

Keep in mind that you can always walk across damp carpet with clean white socks on, just be careful not to slip when re-entering onto hard surfaces. Given the right conditions your carpet cleaning should not inconvenience you at all.

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