Red Wine on Carpet (carpet cleaning)


On our homepage of our carpet cleaning site is a picture of a glass of red wine spilling on carpet and since putting this picture on our site we have had several (desperate) phone calls about removing red wine spills. So, for this week’s blog entry I decided to give out a home remedy on how to remove red wine from carpet. The materials you need for this method can be found in the home or at the grocery store. Of course you can always call your local carpet cleaner for advise.

The trick as with most spills is of course to get to it as fast as possible. The first thing you want to do is soak up as much of the red wine as possible using a clean white towel. Note that we only use white towels when spotting carpet as we do not want any loose dyes to transfer into the carpet fiber. When blotting with your towels it is often helpful to use a spray bottle of water to help free up some of the wine. When blotting always remember to use a clean part of the towel, so you may want to have several towels depending on the severity of the spill.

After you have removed majority of the red wine it is now time to mix a soap and hydrogen peroxide mixture. Typically for small spots mix one cup of hydrogen-peroxide and a teaspoon of dish soap (Dawn is great) in a bowl. Using a white towel dip into the solution and dab over the stain. You should see a transfer of the wine into the towel. After one area of the towel is used move on to a clean spot on the towel. Do this until the spot is removed. Dry area with towels.

As mentioned, the trick is to get to the spill as fast as possible (as with most spills). And of course there are plenty of respected professional carpet cleaners in Tyler and the surrounding area if you need professional stain removal.

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