The Dirt On Your Carpet


The most damaging aspect about dirt is its abrasiveness. Think of small shards of glass embedded in your carpet and what that might do to the carpet fiber. With carpet cleaning , over time, these tiny scratches begin to cause the light to reflect differently off the carpet due to the way light refracts off the carpet fibers. This causes the carpet to dull and look worn, especially in the center of walkways since the areas around walls are not walked on as often.

The best method to prevent dirt buildup aside from carpet cleaning has always been to vacuum on a regular basis regardless if the carpet looks like it needs it or not. Quite often we do not see the dirt especially sand buildup in the carpet and decide to maybe skip vacuuming that time. Also it is important to invest in a high powered vacuum with proper suction. When vacuuming, always vacuum in both directions across the carpet. This way the beater bars of the vacuum are able to pull up more fiber tufts.

The shoes we wear act like a hammer slamming the dirt across our carpet fibers. Our shoes rub the dirt and sand across the fibers increasing the harm we do to our carpet on a daily basis. If at all possible its best we not wear shoes inside the house…. true, that’s asking a little much for some people but carpet is very expensive these days so its something to think about.

Another tip to reduce not only the dirt in carpet but in the house overall is to have walk-in rugs at each entrance to the home. These area rugs act like a trap for dirt coming into the home. You will want to place these rugs on the outside and on the inside of exterior doors. Keep in mind that like an air filter, once these rugs become too soiled, they lose their effectiveness.

Here in Tyler Tx, carpet cleaning is especially important due to the high content of sand in our carpets. So regularly vacuum and have your carpet professionally cleaned from time to time to keep it lasting for years and years.

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